Engineering Services

Engineering Services

Our Services include project consulting, engineering services and development of Client engineering programs utilizing the IDDEAL Software Suite®. Our staff includes program and project managers, ASME SME’s, consultants, mechanical and civil engineers and drafting technicians.

We are a full-service company providing engineering products, consulting services and support for ASME Section XI / RI-ISI and related government required specifications and standards.

An array of services is provided including:

  • Engineering Support and On-site Engineering consultants
  • Regulatory Inspection Program Development (Section XI - ISI, CISI, PT, R&R)
  • RI-ISI Program Development and Living Program Maintenance (N-578, N-716)
  • BWRVIP Program Development
  • O&M Program Development (IST and Snubbers)
  • Check Valve Program development and updates (APP II – CVCM) / Relief Valve Programs (APP I)
  • Motor Operated Valves (APP III / OMN-1) / Air Operated Valves (APP IV / OMN-12) programs and updates
  • Section XI and O&M Program 10-Year Updates and Basis Documents
  • Program Reviews and Database Reconciliations to latest Code Requirements
  • Program Assessments and Reviews

Our staff represents past program ownership at twenty-nine different units making them very familiar with the daily challenges of maintaining and implementing ASME Code programs. We have attended safety committee review meetings, outage challenge meetings, and NRC entrance/exit meetings. We understand the needs of a successful program owner. Our our in-house staff also includes four Level III NDE personnel with excellent procedure writing skills and field experience for on-site support, as well as multiple project and senior project analysts for on-site support and implementation.

Several members of our staff were involved in the ISI Program Owners Group task team that developed the INPO ISI Program Excellence Guide (EPG-11) and also includes individuals that have previously worked for or contracted to the NRC. They were part of site inspection teams, reviewed utility ISI/IST and Snubber programs and relief requests. They understand NRC expectations for program content and detail, including the quality, format and content of documents submitted to the NRC.